Civil EngineeringCivil Engineering

Our team can guide you through the complex procedures associated with land development, including preliminary feasibility studies and preliminary cost estimates through to detail design and supervision of your project to minimise the potential for expensive pitfalls.

Feasibility Studies including preliminary road and services layouts and preliminary cost estimates for development provide REAL value to allow informed planning of your next project.

We can provide advice on preliminary planning which examines the general layout of an estate, the staging of construction and likely timing, especially in relation to obtaining approvals from local and state authorities.

Design of roads, storm water drainage, water supply and sewerage is no problem with Baker Rossow’s computer modelling systems and experienced staff.

Construction Management covers attention to all aspects of the construction process, including construction supervision and inspections and contract administration.

Cost Estimates are an essential tool in planning your new project.  Our experience means that we can accurately estimate costs that may not be immediately apparent to those unfamiliar with development works.

Structural EngineeringStructural Engineering

Baker Rossow is experienced in all kinds of structural engineering work.  With a reputation for excellence, our engineers and building designers regularly work on residential, industrial,commercial and government projects.

We are serious about meeting the needs and the budgets of our clients, and will work with you to see your project through from concept to completion.

  • Residential Units
  • Townhouses
  • Offices – commercial or professional
  • Shops – retail or trade
  • Restaurants
  • Service Stations
  • Warehouse or factories
  • Industrial sheds
  • Work camp facilities
  • Sporting complexes
  • Medical/paramedical centres
  • Entertainment complex
  • Retirement Villages
  • Schools
“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."
- Benjamin Franklin

CommercialCommercial Engineering

Our ability to conceptualise and design commercial complexes across South East Queensland has positioned us as the preferred engineering company to deal with.

Our in-house resources puts us in a good position to understand and interpret your needs as well as project manage them in an efficient and economical manner.

We work hard to provide you with a unique design and functional requirements using our state of the art Revit design software.

Because we can caryy out the engineering on your project in parallel with the building design, potential delivery times and costs to be reduced.

Why not drop into our office and ask as us to show you one of our 3D building presentations. Imagine being able to see your completed building as it will look when constructed, and being able to "walk through" it and see how it will appear from the users perspective.

ResidentialResidential Engineering

Modern building construction is more than just timber, nails and concrete. Correct design and installation of footing systems, earthworks, retaining walls, stormwater disposal, bracing, framing and tie-down are all extremely important factors for the satisfactory long term performance and structural integrity of your new home or extension.

Baker Rossow's Engineering and design team specialise infooting design, earthworks, structural engineering for your new swelling.

An engineering survey allows the designer of your dwelling to determine realistic floor levels with respect to the slope of the land and if necessary step the house down the slope to help minimise the extent of cut and fill.

It allows the need and extent of retaining walls to be determined, and the extent of land disturbed by cut-and-fill earthworks to be assessed. It will also facilitate design of waste disposal systems and allow for storm water drainage design so that inadequate disposal methods do not impair the performance of the footing system.

Accurate site levels can ensure that you obtain the desired result with minimum overall cost.


The footing design will be based on the information gained from the geotechnical investigation. It will detail the individual needs of your dwelling, and take into account the house style proposed.


A site wind assessment can be carried out to determine the correct wind loading applicable for the structure. This will minimise the cost of structural elements by not over-specifying the requirements for bracing, framing and tie-down.


The method of roof water disposal may be critical in steep country to avoid causing slope instability or erosion. It is also necessary to dispose of roof water carefully to avoid a decrease in the performance of the footing system. Standards for proper installation are a regulatory pat of the Building Code of Australia. We can provide designs that ensure that Standards are met.


Some sites may have difficulty with vehicle access. A steep driveway, although trafficable in dry weather, may be untrafficable in wet weather or frosty conditions.

A driveway check for adequate clearances and trafficability is essential on steep sites to prevent bottoming out of vehicles over driveways or entering garages.


Timber post-and-sleeper retaining wall

Timber retaining walls are economical and easy to build. However, correct design and construction practice is extremely important to their longevity. The wrong timber species or poorly installed rear drainage can result in premature decay of timber. Even a small thing like not greasing galvanised bolts and fixing can have a huge impact on the durability of timber construction.

Retaining walls may be an essential consideration in planning your dwelling. Let us correctly design a retaining wall for your particular application.


Will other structures be installed such as: a tennis court, swimming pool, garden shed or a separate garage/carport?


Various Council's provide policies for development by way of their "Development Control Plans". Baker Rossow will be able to provide you with a detailed Development Control Plan report where specifically required by the Local Authority. We can also supply or a geotechnical report on your land as required by other Councils.


All work by Baker Rossow is carried out using up-to-date information and methods by experienced personnel.

We carry professional indemnity insurance and, where required, issue certificates of engineering design to clients in conjunction with work that we produce.


If you are considering purchasing or selling a steeply sloping block of land you may be interested in our site inspection service where, for a nominal fee, we will inspect your land and advise you as to potential problems that may exist. We can also advise you on structural questions if you have doubts about the integrity of framing elements present in an existing facility

Storm WaterStorm Water Management

At Baker Rossow, we have a stong focus on hydraulic engineering to provide specialized services for all commercial building and developments projects.

We have been involved in developing hundreds of projects over our long history and we are considered to be a top service provider to both commercial and private sectors in the area of stormwater design solutions.

Some of our numerous areas of specialisation include stormwater management reports, open channel design, water sensitive urban design (including treatment train systems), and the design of piped drainage networks.

The Baker Rossow culture promotes client-first high-performance principles, and this approach has enabled the company to offer engineering services of the highest quality with competitive prices.

RemedialRemedial Engineering


Some building damage can be caused by soil movement. But it doesn't necessarily mean that the builder has taken short cuts or skimped on concrete. Even in the some of the 'best' footing systems, a dripping tap, a broken stormwater or sewer pipe or trees planted too close will literally break a building's back. Good site maintenance is essential to protect the footing system of all buildings.


It may not be too late, but the longer it is left unchecked, the greater the risk that more expensive repairs will be required in the future. Baker Rossow is highly experienced in the area of distressed building investigations and design of repair works.


In many cases, no remedial or repair work is necessary. A little movement in a building from season to season is quite normal in many cases. An inspection and advice can put your mind at ease.


We will be able to tell you why your building is experiencing movement and, if appropriate, recommend the most economical course of action to effect repairs or to improve the existing situation.


Did you know that we often find movement and subsequent damage is occurring not because of short cuts that the builder has taken but by the circumstances which someone else has unknowingly brought about. A dripping tap or broken sewer pipe can cause far more damage than you might realise. We can provide you with the advice you need to correct the situation.

Here are some of the problem areas which we find are commonly responsible for distress in buildings:
  • Broken or leaking pipes or drains
  • Poor site drainage of storm water away from and around the building
  • Poorly designed and installed paving systems
  • Trees planted too close to the building
  • Inappropriate siting and maintenance of garden beds close to the building
  • Inappropriate tree species used in gardening and landscaping
  • Changes in design and construction philosophies and policies over the years (they don't build 'em' like they used to - things have changed for the better)
  • Inadequate footings to cope with the conditions.


There is no simple answer to this question. There are things that you can do to reduce the risk and to help the footing system of the building to perform adequately. Baker Rossow can give you the advice you need.

Consideration must be given right from the very beginning and all throughout the following stages of planning and construction:
  • Professional site and soil testing.
  • Appropriate footings and slab design and supervised construction.
  • Proper installation of service trenches containing power or communications, water, gas, or drainage systems.
  • Correct siting and installation of septic tanks and waste trenches.
  • Control of hot water systems and overflows.
  • Suitable finishing of site earthworks to ensure drainage away from and around buildings.
  • Correct planning and installation and ongoing maintenance of garden beds, lawns and, in particular, trees.
  • Effective maintenance of plumbing and drainage installations.

Baker Rossow is also experienced in other types of damage investigations and repair works which include:
  • Fire damaged structures.
  • Damaged pavements, driveways and carparks.
  • Buildings damaged by catastrophic events (for example storm, earthquake, flood, vehicle impacts, etc).
  • Settlement of structures by consolidation of the foundation soils.

GeotechnicalGeotechnical Engineering

If you are considering building let us arrange for a thorough geotechnical investigation to be carried out on your land and have your house engineered by Baker Rossow. We have designed literally thousands of footing systems over the 30 years we have been in business for everything from domestic dwellings to large commercial and industrial complexes. 
Why not draw on that experience for your next project?

You can have peace of mind that one of your largest investments will not become and ongoing source of heartache due to inadequate site investigation, design and planning.

A thorough geotechnical investigation coupled with a skilled interpretation of the results is necessary to determine the site characteristics and to gain an understanding of the geology of the area.

Information gained is used to design the footing system for your building (or any other construction), so that it is capable of withstanding the forces exerted upon it during the lifetime of the structure.

Things to consider as part of the investigation are:
  • How many holes will be required to be drilled?
  • To what depth will the holes need to be drilled?
  • Is a geologist input required?
  • Is the slope stable or will it be prone to slippage?
  • What tests are appropriate for the location and proposed works?


Often the construction of retaining walls form an integral part of construction of your project, either incorporated with the footing system if the structure is to be stepped down a slope or to provide a level platform for construction of the project.

At Baker Rossow we are experienced in various types of retaining wall design, and can assist you with selection of an appropriate type for your project. Once the type of retaining wall is determined we can then carry out the design customised to your development.