GeotechnicalGeotechnical Engineering

If you are considering building let us arrange for a thorough geotechnical investigation to be carried out on your land and have your house engineered by Baker Rossow. We have designed literally thousands of footing systems over the 30 years we have been in business for everything from domestic dwellings to large commercial and industrial complexes. 
Why not draw on that experience for your next project?

You can have peace of mind that one of your largest investments will not become and ongoing source of heartache due to inadequate site investigation, design and planning.

A thorough geotechnical investigation coupled with a skilled interpretation of the results is necessary to determine the site characteristics and to gain an understanding of the geology of the area.

Information gained is used to design the footing system for your building (or any other construction), so that it is capable of withstanding the forces exerted upon it during the lifetime of the structure.

Things to consider as part of the investigation are:
  • How many holes will be required to be drilled?
  • To what depth will the holes need to be drilled?
  • Is a geologist input required?
  • Is the slope stable or will it be prone to slippage?
  • What tests are appropriate for the location and proposed works?


Often the construction of retaining walls form an integral part of construction of your project, either incorporated with the footing system if the structure is to be stepped down a slope or to provide a level platform for construction of the project.

At Baker Rossow we are experienced in various types of retaining wall design, and can assist you with selection of an appropriate type for your project. Once the type of retaining wall is determined we can then carry out the design customised to your development.