Civil EngineeringCivil Engineering

Our team can guide you through the complex procedures associated with land development, including preliminary feasibility studies and preliminary cost estimates through to detail design and supervision of your project to minimise the potential for expensive pitfalls.

Feasibility Studies including preliminary road and services layouts and preliminary cost estimates for development provide REAL value to allow informed planning of your next project.

We can provide advice on preliminary planning which examines the general layout of an estate, the staging of construction and likely timing, especially in relation to obtaining approvals from local and state authorities.

Design of roads, storm water drainage, water supply and sewerage is no problem with Baker Rossow’s computer modelling systems and experienced staff.

Construction Management covers attention to all aspects of the construction process, including construction supervision and inspections and contract administration.

Cost Estimates are an essential tool in planning your new project.  Our experience means that we can accurately estimate costs that may not be immediately apparent to those unfamiliar with development works.